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 Are Filipinos too stupid to vote?

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PostSubject: Are Filipinos too stupid to vote?   2/3/2009, 12:48 am

If a society's government is a reflection of the people that voted that government in then Pinoys are stupid, corrupt, backwards, and/or oblivious.
If this IS NOT true then why can't the mass of Filipinos follow even basic civics/elections tips like those mentioned on or ?

I'm not bashing Filipinos since I know many of us are intelligent and rational and many make responsible decisions. But why doesn't our elected government reflect these traits?

If you are going to claim that "we need more voter" education, I can only ask: who is going to do it? who is going to pay for it? will it be free from bias/ulterior motives?
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Are Filipinos too stupid to vote?
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